A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.


Silence cannot be bought. We think it can, but the price is never high enough. Think about it, how much money would it take for you to keep something inside; something that eats away at your soul a little bit every day? How much would be enough to let yourself be torn asunder by some words which, if said out loud, would save you from going, very slowly, insane?

Silence is a bad thing. It cuts deeper, sometimes even wounds mortally. And sometimes it seeps into your soul, creeps into the corners you had learnt to hide from even yourself. And when that happens, when the silence has replaced everything inside you, you learn to fear words, to fear conversation. Your mind loses its readiness to engage in debate, loses the will to utter even the most of sounds.

Because there are no more words left to you. All the cracks and creases that let the words fall through have been filled by silence. Where there was passion, there is now only complacency. Where there was pain, there is now only acceptance. Where there was love, there is now only a void, a non-existence.

This complacency, this acceptance is what makes life mild, makes it all vanilla. Avoid complacency. Don’t accept. Fight, goddamnit! Fight until there is no breath in you, until your knuckles are bloody and teeth are missing. Fight until you can’t feel the pain anymore. Fight until either you get knocked down or the other gets knocked out. Shout out loud all that they would buy your silence for. Tell the world all about the horrors and the joys. But do not be silent. Do not be complacent. Do. Not. Accept.


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