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Cinema Woes


You know how there’s this movie that you wait ages for just so you can drag a friend all across one city & into the heart of the other, grab a large basket of popcorn and cozy up in an air-conditioned hall to watch it on the big screen.

& you know how there’s always something that messes plans like these up?

Yeah, well, I know that feeling all too well. I couldn’t watch Thor in the cinema because one of my friends ditched me. I couldn’t watch The Avengers in the cinema because two of my friends decided they couldn’t possibly do a “sista” a solid and pick her up. And finally I couldn’t watch Fast & Furious 6 in the cinema because a friend thought it would be great to go for the after-midnight show – which just happens to be past my curfew!

Keeping with the theme of cinema-related disappointments, today we went to watch my first ever Bollywood movie in the theatre (Initiation time!!). It was going all too well – a little too well to be true. & then suddenly it did turn out to be a ruse when the movie (and the lights and the AC) didn’t come on after the intermission. The generator had failed and everyone knows the electricity situation in Pakistan. (Grrrrrrr.)

The only saving grace was the 100% refund.

But I still don’t know what happened in the second-half of the movie! This is just not fair! How can they do this to me?! x@

But the OCD-ish side of me is consoled by the fact that I was not the only one & the house was full for the movie and everyone else who was there is right now at home & is just as annoyed by the fact that they don’t know what went on in the second-half. (Evil laughter.)

Do you have any cinema-related woe stories? Please offer some consolation.


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