A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.



I am as if walking through the twilight,
Of my mind and of my heart,
Of the things they both would believe.
The mind says you are lost forever,
The heart is but a romantic.
And I am torn, for there is
A fork as the river of my soul breaks to two.
One flow takes me back to you,
To the person I must have been in your eyes,
Though I feel that person is long forgotten.
The other takes me far away from you,
Where I might forget your face,
Your smile,
Your scent!
And though I would forget you,
As the waters of time would slowly,
Yet surely,
Erase you from memory,
But I would keep a part of you,
Somewhere in the crevices of my broken heart,
For pain forgotten is a lesson unlearnt.
And so, I tear my soul in half,
One to keep and move forward,
And one to send back in time,
For living in the now isn’t possible,
For a person, such as I,
Belonging to a past,
So unresolved,
So unkempt,
So unnervingly beautiful,
Yet so disruptively chaotic.


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