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True Irony

Have you ever wished someone so much unhappiness that you wish to see them break down, fall to their knees & cry like a child in front of you? Have you ever wished someone so much pain that every morsel of your soul wants to see them only suffer & burn? Have you ever wished someone so much hate that you wanted everyone to look at them with disgust & foreboding?

I have.

& all this usually comes after you’ve wished someone all the happiness, all the love & all the respect this world has to offer, after you’ve loved so much that only God could take it out of your heart, after you’ve been broken so badly that only God might put you together, but He is busy with so many other tormented souls.

But what’s worse, when you wish them all the unhappiness & the pain in the world, they usually are rewarded with it. & seeing them breaking down & suffering, you can never truly be happy either.

That is the whole point of irony, I guess.


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3 thoughts on “True Irony

  1. This is beautiful and so incredibly true…

    • Saba Tahir Siddiqui on said:

      it is, isn’t it. it’s just one of those things that makes u feel like u’re in one of those Stephen King novels where the endings are always ironic & sad!! lol

  2. This is very true, indeed

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