A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

So I’ve Been Thinking…

Maybe what I’m doing isn’t right, maybe it’s the worst thing ever. Maybe I’ll let you people be the judge… Or maybe not. *Puts on game face.* Because you see, people only judge you by projecting their own thoughts on to you.

Yes, these are teenage revelations! *blah* What do you expect from me?! I’m mentally still 16!

BEWARE! Ranting(s) ahead. Proceed with caution.

But I hate the world & all those people who judge other people only because they don’t fit their own weird definition of normal. I’m NOT normal, I’ve never been. I don’t like being normal either. Normal sucks, big time. *bout of imaginary vomiting* I haven’t even wanted to be one-with-the-crowd since I was in 5th grade. What stirred this rebellion inside my, at that time, kid brain, is a completely different story. But I knew then *drum roll* that I would never be a part of the crowd, no matter what kind of a crowd it is.

So what if I’m fat?!

So what if I can say what’s on my mind & not be ashamed of it?!

So what if I don’t have my own personal agenda?!

So what if my life does not revolve around how I look like when I leave home in the morning?!

So what if I don’t care what people think about me?!

Here’s the deal: SEE.IF.I.CARE!

& really, if any one of you smartasses comes up with the “clever” retort that I would not have had the need to shout all this out to the world if I actually didn’t care, well, you can just reserve your comments for a better, sportier audience! *glares*

I’m a one-of-a-kind person. Yes, you may argue that we are all different in some way & bla bla bla. But, really, go rain on someone else’s parade. I don’t need people to tell me what I can’t handle or who I’m not or what I couldn’t possibly do! They should all realize that they are posing me with challenges I have no time to punch down BECAUSE I actually have a life!

Haven’t I just made your day? This is after all what you wanted to read, wasn’t it? My thoughts. That is why you are on this page, right now, right here, in this glorious moment. You have been saved. Your soul has been salvaged. You are now a (little bit more) free (than you were 5 minutes ago, assuming that’s how long it took you to read this) person!

You all make me proud! I make me proud! *victory dance*

& now for some more… zzzZZZzzz

(With that I shall be leaving you in the dark, till my creative bug bites again!)


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