A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Corner Full of Words

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole lot of stuff everyone wants to do with their lives. I’m no different, although I’m pretty sure I’m VERY different.

*Yes, I tend to strut around, head held high, pointing condescending fingers at everyone else, sue me!*

But here’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve wanted a corner of the world all to myself, a little corner, with shelves & shelves full of books, of different genres, from different authors, the classics & the contemporaries & all the beauty that words can hold. & I want to put in the middle of that corner a high backed, deep seated, mahogany colored leather armchair. & I wanted to sit there, with a steaming cup of coffee resting gingerly on one arm of the chair & a book in the other hand, & I want to lose myself in the brilliance of another’s imagination.

& here comes the catch. I know I most probably am not the only one with this desire of social-regression. I’m pretty sure there are others who are like me, who will appreciate this corner as much as I would & who would want a place to spend those chilly winter evenings. As Lennon said, “I may be a dreamer but I’m not the only one.”

*Yes, I consider myself to be of the same intellectual standards as Lennon, sue me!!*

But what if this corner could be real? What if there was a place where we could spend those dull winter evenings? What if there was a place where the warmth of imagination was all it took to uplift a bunch of dampened spirits? What if there was a place where people of all ages could sit for a while & leave inspired? What if there was a place that smelled of old parchment & freshly bound classics? What if there was a place where you could be surrounded by the beauty of poetry, fiction, horror & romance? What if there was a place which sold words?

*Height of wishful thinking, I know, sue me!*

So all of you who are dreamers like me, the intellectuals in a society full of fools, mail me a generous check & let’s see what can be done about this corner.

*So I actually wasted at least 10 minutes of your time trying to sell you an idea. I’m brilliant, sue me!*


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