A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Life’s True Pleasures

Lying in bed, listening to David Cook’s “Daily Anthem”, waiting for the sleep in my eyes to take control of all my senses for the night, I realized something very interesting about myself. It’s interesting how all my character revelations come to me at times when I least expect them to.

Well, what I realized was that I’m an empty-minded person. By this, I don’t mean that there are no thoughts in my head, believe me there are plenty for each one of you. But what I really mean is that, the main thought process is happening in the background, just like a computer performs background functions. In the main arena, in the front of my mind, there is nothing.

I know people who are always thinking, using all of their minds for sometimes the most pitiful things; gossip being the worst of them all. I tried to think of something like they do, tried to stop the background functions & use the whole of my brain to focus on some of the people I know are utter losers (No offense! =P) but within seconds, a pain shot out of (metaphorically) the middle of my brain & erupted like a volcano. I had to stop my chain of thoughts & as soon as I did, the pain went away.

I’m not saying I’m some kind of genetic mutation, evolution research project. But, on the basis of my, afore mentioned, character revelation, I would like to say that I’m somehow a better person. Not because I am like a computer with the background functions and all, but I think I can better concentrate on more important things this way. Without gossip, or other such germs, diseasing my brain, I can put most of my thought process in the back of my mind where they can stew in the pit of my opinions & concentrate on higher priority issues/thoughts, for example; which color socks to wear or whether to order in or eat out.

It’s all a part of who you are I think. Again I’m not saying that I’m any better than the rest of the lot. But I’m a rare breed of humans who put an emphasis on the finer details of their lives. I’m the person who’ll put her flight bookings on hold just to find the right pair of flip-flops (right color, right pattern and right feel)!

The background functions are the big things, the obvious things. The focus is on the little things. Because the true pleasure is in the detail.


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