A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Love (Re)Defined

What happens when you fall in love? Is it all butterflies & rainbows? Is it all red & squishy? Or is it just a sham?

Well, I should know. I keep falling in love all the time. I think the first time I ever fell In love, & the only one that lasted really long, was when I was 8 years old & I heard the Backstreet Boys singing “All I Have To Give” on radio. I fell in love with Nick Carter that very moment. & that love story kept me warm & cozy all through junior & high school. Then I fell in love with George Clooney when I was in college. That was actually more of an admiration than love, but still, that is one hell of a guy. These days I’m in love with Jason Ackeles of the “Supernatural” fame. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who is head over heels for that guy, but I’m willing to wrestle for him.

Some of you might call this hero worship, but I’m telling you, I’m still quite the sucker for a Nick Carter poster/photo. I’d plaster my walls with that blue-eyed, smoky smile. But I doubt my room-mate would like it.

But on a serious note, love, the true kind, isn’t butterflies & rainbows at all. There’s nothing like what happens in the movies. It’s actually nothing sudden at all.

Love is actually a feeling that grows on you, like fungus grows on bread, slow & permanent. It doesn’t happen in a moment. It happens after months of spending every memorable moment with a person. It happens after finding the other person at their worst & helping them back to their best. It happens after volumes of private jokes. It happens when you cross the line between waiting for them to answer your question to knowing the answer even before the question is raised.

Love isn’t something you can claim happened to you in first glance. They’re damn right when they say love is when you know the worst of a person & yet are willing to accept them, flaws et al.

Love isn’t only about the roses or the candle-lit dinners. It’s about the fights, the tears, the hollow goodbyes. Love isn’t only about the trust & all the truthfulness. It’s about the doubts, the fears & the little lies you tell just to keep everyone happy. Humor me here, love indeed is a paradox. But those who know love know I’m right.

Love is about making memories, together. Love is about fun, games & a little bit of tragedy to keep it young. Love is about life & appreciating its details.


Disclaimer: All opinions shared above are objective & will be subject to no more discussion. xD



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