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Got Faith?

Having loads of time on your hands is never really a good thing. For lack of a better option you start exploring you mind, your own self. Honestly speaking, that never really led me to anything good except for even more troubling questions.

These days, having too much time on my hands, the only question that really troubles me is, (… Wait for it… Here it comes… *drum roll*) “What exactly is faith?”

Here’s my take on the subject:

See, every religion, every culture has their own ideas about everything. But I’m going to look at this from a non-religious yet monotheistic point of view. Faith isn’t really about belonging to any religion, or reciting from scriptures. Faith is about belief; the belief that there’s something bigger than us, belief that someone out there is listening to our prayers, belief that someone out there loves us more than we love ourselves & He is going to protect us from harm.

Although I don’t pray a lot but I know God is listening when I pray, even though I keep whining that He’s not. I know that there is a lot that I can’t control, a lot that is beyond me.

I think our belief in God is not really only dictated by religion. I think that our belief in God is because we need to know that there is someone out there bigger than us, more knowing than us, more powerful than us, who can set right the wrongs that we can’t.

Faith is about believing that He can set right all the wrongs. Faith is about believing that whatever sufferings we might be going through we will be rewarded for them in the hereafter or compensated for them in this realm. Faith is about the certainty that our prayers are heard. Faith is about knowing that He is there even if we can’t see them with our own eyes.

Faith is not about not questioning, but about doubting everything & then erasing those doubts through analysis, research & learning. Faith is not about living secluded in the woods, but about getting to know God’s men & finding Him within ourselves.

Faith is about believing.



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