A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Life Has Been Good To Me.

Indeed! xD

Life has always been a little too much for me; a little too much happiness, a little too much tragedy, a little too much responsibility & a little too much revealing.

Maybe it’s also been a little too kind at times, a little too harsh at others.

But it’s surely been a little too demanding at times when I thought I didn’t have a lot to give, a little too much of a challenge right when I started doubting myself.

Life has always been a kind friend, a clever enemy. It has been sometimes unexplainably comforting, at times heart-breakingly hostile.

Then again life gave me lessons which were sometimes too hard to come by, sometimes too obvious to miss.

Life made me realize that sometimes I am a little too mean, sometimes a little too friendly, sometimes a little too confident, sometimes a little too doubtful.

Life also showed me that I was loved enough, cared for too much.

It also showed me that sometimes people might not agree with what I have to say, sometimes people might not even care, sometimes people might even hate me, but it’s all in  day’s work.

Life has been the kind of professor who forces you to stay up nights working on a paper & then throws it in the trash because you misspelled your name.

But life has been good to me.

& for that I’m grateful.


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