A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Writer’s Immunity

Since I’ve had loads of time on my hands, I’ve been thinking. (Yea, I do that sometimes.)

Well, actually I’ve been watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy & that’s what got me thinking. It’s all about surgeons & their love-lives. But the thing that got to me was the mention of the God-complex in a few episodes. They keep talking about how surgeons develop a slight God-complex after saving too many lives.

So it got me thinking. Almost every job has its perks. Every professional who is good in their field might be able prone to/dealing with God-complex. Except for one: Writers.

Doctors have the God-complex because they save lives. Engineers might have the God-complex because they are the building blocks of the concrete world. Architects might have the God-complex because they give the shape & meaning to everything that we see around us. Teachers might have the God-complex because they are the ones who condition all the great minds who later become doctors or engineers or architects. But writers may never have the God-complex.

Writers are the last people to even go to if you are a psychiatrist researching the God-complex. We don’t think of ourselves as God. God doesn’t write fiction! We’d have the God-complex if Hogwarts was real & farmers were growing vegetation on Mars.

Writers are crazy, sure. We spend hours on our word-processors, with the dictionary, reading what other people wrote. We’re always on a caffeine high, which makes us prone to do even crazier things. We talk gibberish most of the time, so people usually think we’re schizophrenics.

But we don’t have a God-complex for reasons mentioned hence forth:

  1. We always criticize ourselves, not even our most-acclaimed bestsellers are good enough for our ego. We do love our work, mind you. But it’s never really up there, never really feeds the ego. God, on the other hand, adores man, which is why he chooses to forgive even big sins in the basis of seeking forgiveness. & God does not have an ego.
  2. We praise worthy work done by other writers. People with a God-complex do not praise other’s works because they themselves are too amazing.
  3. We are sleepy, we need caffeine. God NEVER sleeps. Neither do people with the God-complex. They are all meticulous & hard working. & they rarely need caffeine since they have they are driven by sheer will power.
  4. Writers don’t really have a lot of will power. They have caffeine & a little too much tragedy in their lives or in the lives of people around them. Other people, the one’s who think they are God, don’t care much for tragedy. But writers, they thrive on tragedy. Tragedy is our driving force!

These are a few reasons why writers aren’t much of the God-complex type people.

& again, since I am a writer, I feel a very urgent need to bore people with what I’m thinking ALL… THE… TIME. Hence, the long essay why writers are least to be effected by the God-complex. You just SO hate me right now, don’t you?

Cheers! xoxo


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