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Soul-mates & Fate’s Cruelties

Greek mythology states that the first humans were created with four arms, four legs and four eyes. They had two noses and two mouths and they terrified Zeus. He believed they had eminent powers and feared there would come a day when one would take his place as Ruler. To prevent such an incident from ever occurring, Zeus split each human in half and left them to wander aimlessly around the mortal world searching for their other half. This is the basis of the “soul-mate” search.

Now, I’m no believer in Greek or any other mythology. But there’s something that’s been itching in my mind for a very long time.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re never supposed to be with your soul-mate. Maybe the force between you would be too strong. Maybe even strong enough to mentally impair you or even effect your existence (I’m trying very hard to say “kill you” in mellower tones but I don’t think its working.). Maybe it’s just too big a deal for any of us to really handle.

Think about it, all the love stories (not counting children’s stories) that have survived end in death & despair. Romeo & Juliet both died, albeit it was all a misunderstanding. Qais, poor old chap, went Majnoon over Laila. Plus, movie buffs might remember how Hancock couldn’t be with his alien wife because if they stayed together it would slowly kill them both.

In my opinion there’s a difference between “love of my life” & “my soul-mate”. There are so many people who marry the love of their lives even though somewhere in their hearts they secretly know it’s not really their soul-mate they are marrying. & some people might not even have a choice really.

We have to face a reality here. Some of us might never really meet their soul-mates. Some of us might bump into them & ignore the tingly feeling in their stomach. Some of us might actually be able to spend time with their soul-mates, but an act of fate is sure to push them apart. (The cruelties of fate.*sigh*)

As for those, who do somehow manage to overcome the amazing power of love & actually get to spend a lifetime with their soul-mate, please let me know how you did it.

(My opinions are highly objective & absolutely NOT debatable. If you don’t like what you read just say so, but please don’t force me to argue.)


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