A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Just Be Me

If I was a gush of wind, I’d fly away.
I’d fly away to the highest of mountains where the shadows of your doubt won’t touch my happiness.
I’d take you with me, but I’d rather travel light.

If I was a drop of water, I’d sink into the ocean.
I’d sink to the deepest of depths where the touch of your sadness won’t reach my contentment.
I’d take you with me, but I’d rather be alone.

If I was a seed, I’d roll on the earth.
I’d roll to the farthest of lands where the sound of your tears won’t reach my soul.
I’d take you with me, but you were never too fond of dust & sand.

If I was an ray of sunshine, I’d shine & smile.
I’d shine & smile for everyone who has ever sheltered me in their hearts.
I’d shine on you too, but you’d rather enjoy the dark.

If I was my last teardrop, I’d never fall.
I’d never fall & stick close to my heart.
I’d fall for you, but then I would one in a million.

If I was everything, I’d be just that.
I’d be just that & maybe a little bit more, just for you.
I’d be your everything, but you rather I was someone else.

So I guess I’ll just be me for now.
& see where that takes me.



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2 thoughts on “Just Be Me

  1. Beautiful =)

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