A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Coffee Mornings (Session 2)

Trust is a very strong word. But it’s funny how a lot of us take it so lightly. By just trusting the wrong people, you’re putting yourself in danger. This danger isn’t mostly of physical harm as that of mental and emotional hurt.
Physical wounds take time but they heal; emotional wounds don’t.
Now the question is whom do we trust. Yeah, we know it should be our parents and our siblings because they are the only people who really know us. But even there you might be disappointed. And the same dilemma will keep haunting you all the time. So, here’s the simplest solution, put your trust in the only person who knows you and understands you better than anyone else, who knows your strengths and weaknesses and is the only one who is always (ALWAYS) there: Yourself.
Yeah, it’s hard. Yeah, we hate ourselves for various reasons. Yeah, we suck at everything we do. But WE are the only one’s who really know all that, right? So, why trust someone else who’s most probably going to put us into misconceptions about ourselves and will probably end up breaking that trust anyway, when we can put it in someone about whom wee are sure that they are always going to match upto our expectations? Why not give ourselves a chance?


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