A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Till Death

I am a friend.
One who has been used, ridiculed & forsaken.

I am a companion.
One who has been robbed, beaten up & left for dead.

I am a lover.
One who has loved, lost & died.

Isn’t this what my life has turned out to be all about?

My dreams have been shattered not by enemies, but by those I called my own.
My trust has been broken not by those who broke promises, but by those who broke my heart.
My soul has been lost not to the devil, but to the hands of the people whom I loved.

Because I would give anything to the one I love.
Because I would not question the one I love.
I would only listen & not protest,
I would only obey & not rebel,
I would only provide & not demand.

When I reach out, he pulls away.
When I look, he looks away.
When I move closer, he moves away.

But he will come back again,
To haunt me,
To break me,
To leave me.

& once again, I will be,
The friend,
The companion,
The lover.

Till death,
Robs him of my soul,
& takes me to Hell.


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2 thoughts on “Till Death

  1. Wow to the poem & to the image 🙂

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