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Life, in a Nustshell


Sitting alone on a stone bench in the park, I watch as people walk by me, some sparing a glance, some a smile & some walking by without so much as even mere acknowledgement.

I imagine what each of them must be going through or  might have been through at some point in their lives.

Those who smile as they pass me by, the degrees of the different smiles tell me each has a different story.
-> Those who smile lightly are going through a tough time in their lives but their pulling through.
-> Those who smile mildly are yet unsure of the route their life is taking them on & are in search of a messiah or a sign to guide them through.
-> Those who smile broadly have been through the toughest of times & now are the most brightest as they know they can handle anything that comes their way.

Those who don’t acknowledge me, well, it’s not that they don’t have time, it’s just that they have either let the difficulties of life harden them to such a degree that they are now incapable of any feeling or they are a bit too proud that no harm can ever befall them, a theory which is quite dangerous so have in mind. Indeed, Nature has a way of punishing all those who challenge it rather than respect it.

But the ones I like most are those that stop & give me a second glance, because for a moment they make me feel special, they make me feel as though I matter to them, however insignificantly. They might only be thinking “Why is she sitting alone on a day like this?” or “Does she have nothing better to do?”. Or they might be pondering over my appearance as I didn’t give it much thought when I walked out of my room. Or they might just be wondering.
But whatever was on their mind, they glanced a second time which was enough to reassure me of the fact that I still have a place in the great scheme of things.

What is life other than these things? The drawbacks, the tragedies, the mishappenings, the hope, the light, the happiness, the joy, the “belonging”, if we take any of these things out, what is left in our lives?

Life is no more than a jumble of emotions & a collection of moments. We live each moment not knowing it’s significance, waiting for something special to happen. Yet we do not realize that the happening of this moment is the most special of events, one worth celebration!

But we don’t realize this until more than half our life is past.

Why is it that people spend most of their time trying to run away from the very things that are the basic to their existence, although in the depths of their hearts they know they can never escape?

Life’s for living, we NEED to understand that.

Sometimes it’s going to push you down, sometimes it’s going to push you up, some days will be almost perfect & some will be flawless. That how it is.

I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to live each day with the knowledge that no matter what happens, I’m going to make it out alive or even if I don’t, I tried my best & just because of that “trying” I have lived a full life.
I don’t know till how far down the road that promise will go with me. But each day lived knowing that you are a part of what makes this world go round is worth the effort to get out of bed in the morning.

& I know I’m the one who makes this world go round.
& my life is working out just fine, fyi.

What about you? =)


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3 thoughts on “Life, in a Nustshell

  1. you are right to some extent but not completely about life…….a smile doesnt prove that you are happy…….

    • Saba Tahir Siddiqui on said:

      quoting Shakespeare, “Laughing faces do not mean that there is absence of sorrow, but it means that they have the ability to deal with it.”
      if u read the post again u’ll see that there is no point where i’ve directly linked a smile with happiness… to me a smile is just a cover-up. =)

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