A study, of words, in crimson, sometimes blue, rarely yellow.

Life Has Taught Me This…


Life teaches us so many things as we go on. Some are big & can be easily “documented”. But the things that truely matter are the little things.

-> I’ve learnt that when my heart is heavy & my mind full of unwanted thoughts, the greatest comfort is dancing in the rain; always leaves me feeling refreshed & smelling good.

->My brothers & sisters might be a pain in the ass, but they’re my pain to bear & it’s only my place to be annoyed by them. This time may never come again.

->My parents will always love me & care for me, no matter at what stage of life I am. They will always worry about me, deep in their hearts, & when it seems as though they are not worrying, it’s only because they believe in me enough to know that I can handle myself.

->Friends are always going to be there, they are different at every stage, but the best one’s are those who hold your hand even when you’re struggling to break free, they will hold you up in public even though they know you are breaking up inside.

->Love is a word with a million different meanings, but the truest form of love is the one which in unconditional, unbounded & unbreakable.

->Chocolate is an exquisite drug, it can mend broken hearts, tattered prides & bruised egos.

->Buying shoes is a definite stress-reliever. One new pair of shoes is bound to put a smile on your face, no matter what you’ve been through.

->Judging people without grounds should be labelled as a crime. I have no idea what the person next to me has been through, hence I have no right to make false statements about them.

->Shouting out loud is great vocal excercise & a great way to keep unwanted pokers away from my business.

->Last but not least, life can push me down again & again. But I will somehow always find the strength to stand up again.


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